Our School

Lake Rerewhakaaitu School is a rural school at the heart of the Rerewhakaaitu Community. Located minutes from Lake Rerewhakaaitu, and surrounded by the tranquility of forest and farmland, our school provides students with many exciting learning opportunities in the outdoor environment, learning in modern, well-resourced digital classrooms, and connecting with a fabulous community spirit.

At Lake Rerewhakaaitu School the child is the centre of learning. Our vision is to empower students for lifelong learning and successful lives. We believe in fostering student agency: the ability for students to follow their passions, set goals, and work confidently towards the achievement of those goals. We are focused on developing the knowledge, skills, values and mindsets that enable student agency. 

Our talented staff are professional, caring, and committed to providing responsive, adaptive and innovative solutions for every child’s unique learning needs. Our collaborative learning environments enable us to be flexible and focused in the way that we approach learning and teaching in our school. We work together to bring about the high expectations we have for every child’s achievement.

Communication with families is important to us and we work hard to provide many opportunities for parents to be well-informed about their child’s progress and achievement, and to be involved with the learning activities and events at our school. We have regular newsletters, comprehensive parent interviews each term, written reports at mid-year and end-of-year, and communication by email, text and website. Parents may book appointments with teachers at any time of the year.

Our digital classroom environment enables parents access to their child’s learning at any time.

We value the place of Maori as tangata whenua, and promote Maori language, culture and identity. Many Maori students experience high levels of academic success, stand tall as Maori, and make significant contributions to the life of our school. Whanaungatanga and Manaakitanga are important concepts at Lake Rerewhakaaitu School, and we strive to implement culturally inclusive and responsive teaching and learning for all our students, acknowledging the multi-cultural makeup of our community.